Dans un décor architectural, graphique et sonore, gigantesque construction de béton, se raconte la vie des hommes de chantier, passionnés, sensibles et drôles.

En même temps que se construit leur ouvrage se joue un fabuleux théâtre de l'humain.

2014 - 2016






Un film produit par What's Up Films

Réalisation et prise de vue : Fanny Tondre

Prise de son : Yves Grasso

Montage : Vincent Trisolini

Musique : Charlie Nguyen Kim






The world of construction is a very male one. If a woman does appear in this domain at all, she’s usually naked, with a fold somewhere around her navel and a thumbtack stuck above her head. Men, on the other hand, are represented in all shapes, sizes and colors at the construction site where What We Have Made was shot: old, young, black, white and many shades in between. From rookies to hardened old hands, from the strong silent type to those that simply can’t shut up, all of these guys have their own role in the creation of this gigantic edifice.